Down in the dumps….

Ok, so a little bit late posting this one.  I finally did it.  My first trip to the dump station.  I have been avoiding using my tanks as much as possible.  Have been dreading this part.  It sprayed everywhere.  Well actually, it didn’t.  🙂

It wasn’t that bad at all.  Paid $10 cash to the rv park and got ready.

You have to ensure you wear gloves, then you have to be mindful of what you touch with the gloves.  Some kind of bio-hazard thing.

Turns out the nicer hose that I use does not fit in the bumper hose holder.  I am looking to install an external, breathable tube to store it and the hole fitting in so it can dry out.
The hose I used was a Camco 39742 RhinoFLEX 20′ RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting.

What surprised me was when the whole hose jumped, after I opened the blackwater valve.  I jumped to.  🙂

Overall the process went very smoothly.

What I was amazed by though, were the people at the park.  This park clearly has long term residents. Everyone I saw, who walked by, or that I drove by, waved and said hello and smiled.  An instant sense of community.

I’m glad to share the hoses I use and more about this, if you would like, just message me through this site.


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