Wait, no water?

Ok, so I have finally figured out a rhythm with when I need to fill my water tank.  Going forward, I will work to fill it, when I dump my tanks.  They got a little out of sync, until last night around midnight, LOL.  To this point, I have not like the water outlets being right next to the dump station.

The tank sensor will show 1/4 even when it is empty.  The tale tell sign is the water pump starts going on and off more regularly.  This can also mean you have a leak.  In that case, it happens when you are not running the water.

I always use an inline water filter, like this one.  I put it on the faucet side of the hose.  When not in use, I drain the water out of the hose then connect the rv side, to the filter side, to keep it completely closed.  When I am filling, I also use one of these tank filler attachments.  It fits perfectly and I can position it to leave it hanging there, without me holding it.

The fun with boon-docking when you RV, is you can do it anywhere.  Unfortunately, water is not everywhere.   Last night I had to find a place near by, around midnight, to go fill up.  It is important to note, you should always look for blue faucets.  Don’t use red.  Not sure if it is official, but is something we all pass along.  More often than not, they are blue, so you are good to go.

It went quickly and before I knew it, I was back on the road.


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